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Gilmer Lumber is a Benjamin Moore dealer

The right paint can bring any room to life. Gilmer Lumber Co, Inc. is a Benjamin Moore paint dealer in Gilmer, TX. Our professionals can coat your walls with any color of paint you can think of. We offer a wide variety of paint finishes to create the look you want.

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Work with reputable painters in Gilmer, TX

Work with reputable painters in Gilmer, TX

We've been working in Gilmer, TX since the 1920s. You can depend on us to recommend the best painters in the area. Equipped with our superior paints, the painters will ensure a smooth, thorough paint application. They'll protect the work area from paint droplets and footprints. We can send our painters to work at new structures and remodeled homes.

Our paint supplier, based in Gilmer, TX, is ready to help you paint vibrant, long-lasting colors on your surfaces. Get in touch with us today.